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Having spent 25+ years in the corporate world, I saw how personal issues distract us from work. It costs employers their bottom line dollars and the individual feels disconnected. A team can be strengthened when it knows how to deal with an employee in crisis. .

Divorce costs the employer an average of $8300 annually and takes 2-5 years for the employee to get back to full capacity. I can show your company how to help minimize these costs and time. *

There are strategies to build your team around crisis and create stronger individuals. 

​​Kathey Batey



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*Dr. John Curtis Integrated Organizational Development 

Kathey Batey

  • Professional speaker and trainer
  • ​Domestic Mediator
  • Group facilitator since 2005
  • Moderator for governmental meetings and candidate forums.
  • ​Coached hundreds of people going through life transitions; divorce, death of a spouse, job loss, empty nest, retirement. 
  • Creator of Divorce Support Anonymous